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About Us

Hello, knowledge seeker!

If you don't know already, water issues in California are very complicated. Water rights are constantly a hot topic, and one that can get quite heated at that! Thus, my love for learning about these issues have led me to working at the Water Education Foundation, a small, but mighty, non-profit based in Sacramento, CA!

Working at the Foundation, I have learned a ton about water issues California and the West face. Some information is quite troubling and scary, but I have confidence that our generation will find a solution which allows clean, fresh, sustainable, and reliable drinking water to all!

Just like you, I am continuing to learn more about our most precious natural resource--water. For instance, did you know that only 2.8% of all of the earth's water is fresh water? That means the other 97.2% is salt water and we all know we cannot drink salt water. With so little fresh water, it is critical that us humans start conserving more and cherishing this invaluable natural resource that we all need to survive.