Cal H2O Facts

California water facts one drop at a time!

Water Education Foundation Water Map

California Water Map by the Water Education Foundation

Check out this awesome California Water map created by Water Education Foundation.

The map shows all major rivers, dams, and man-made reservoirs and aqueducts! Each map is 24"x36" with a glossy finish, making it perfect for framing. The map is also UV coated to resist fading after being exposed to sunlight.

A great tool and resource for learning about water in California! Check out to get yours today!

Where Does Your Water Come From?

Where Does Your Water Come From?

Have you ever turned on your faucet and wondered where your water comes from? Well, find out the answer to that question here!

Click your area from the list to find out the answer.

Please note: The list will redirect you to another webpage. From here, select the city in which you reside.

Information provided by the Water Education Foundation